Carrington-Brown on German TV

We have been invited to be part of “Ladies Night” on German TV station WDR. You can watch a recording here in case you missed it, have fun:

First impressions of the Comedy-meets-Classics Premiere in Berlin

Comedy meets Classics Premiere in Berlin Dear Friends, Good News! The dream became a reality. On Friday the 7th April, 2017, in the TIPI in Berlin, Carrington-Brown premiered their long awaited and anticipated orchestra show, “Comedy Meets Classics.” In the company of the conductor Clíodhna Ní Aodáin and the wonderful, Swonderful Orchestra, what had previously been a […]

Comedy meets Classics – Your opportunity to get a little back

We have long dreamed of performing with an orchestra. With the Berlin based “Swonderful Orchestra” and Conductor Clíodhna Ní Aodáin, this dream can come true! Together we have written a program in which not only Britons meet in Berlin, but also comedy meets classical music.

The show is a trip around the world, through different continents, music styles and epochs, from opera to jazz to folk and film music – eye-winking, entertaining and highly musical.

Your support:

Such a program is quite a financial risk, as it has to be developed and rehearsed before we put it on stage in all its glory. The first three performances will take place in Tipi in April (7-9), but since there is no budget for the orchestra, we, Colin and Rebecca, have to pay for this.

We would like to pay the orchestra and its great musicians appropriately and therefore we hope to raise € 12,500 with you and your help to make these and hopefully more ideas possible.

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Carrington-Brown’s 10 – Standing ovations after the premiere

Standing ovations after the premiere and great reviews in the press: we are very proud of a great start of our new show ‘Carrington-Brown’s 10’.

“If a classic points system was in place, this performance would be awarded 10. What a perfectly titled show!”

“All in all, the duo gave a fantastic performance, which is made even more unique because of their distinct British accents, charm, stage presence and wit.”

Don’t miss it! We’ll be performing at a theatre near you: Düsseldorf, Hannover, Königs Wusterhausen, Konstanz und Geisenheim. After Baienfurt and Kißlegg we will also be on stage at the Bar jeder Vernunft in Berlin (for a couple of weeks!) and not forgetting our show at the Tipi am Kanzleramt.

Herrn Hömseders musikalische Klasse Vier - Foto: Martin Kalb

Tamm school class and Carrington-Brown perform at the Ludwigsburg Festival

Mr. Hömseder’s musical class, Rebecca Carrington and Colin Brown set the world on fire in Tamm.

We always enjoy performing at the Ludwigsburg Festival but this year we had an extra special programme where we performed with Mr. Hömseder’s musical class 4. With our specially created new show, we proudly presented in front of an amazing Ludwigsburg audience.

Together with the pupils from the Gustav-Sieber-School in Tamm (class 4), they discover that the world is full of music and sounds, music can even be found in the clouds and the sea. In their comedy show, lights are flashing from all the corners of the world. Cowboys are equally part of it as is the heroic tenor. The American pop choir turns into an Italian opera ensemble. Travelling from the Scottish Highlands to India, turning school book poems into screenplays, for their own music, their own songs and a world full of confident children. (Source: SWP)

Overall it was a very successful evening and the fun factor was the icing on the cake. Not only for us – but also for the children 😉

The local paper (SWP) has published a marvelous article about our show. For the full review, please click HERE.

British Worries – Berliner Morgenpost


In light of recent events, the German newspaper “Berliner Morgenpost” wanted to know what British people currently living in Berlin really think about “Brexit“. Do they worry about the future? Who will be allowed to stay and work in Germany? What could leaving the European Union actually mean for all those British that live a happy life in their adopted country? If you’re interested in reading the full newspaper article about the thoughts, worries and fears of some nameable Brits, please find it HERE. Needless to say, Rebecca, who has been living and working in Germany for quite some years now, is contemplating about how leaving the European Union might effect her and her husband Colin:


Rebecca Carrington (45), born in Epsom, music cabaret artist, together with her husband Colin known as Carrington-Brown:

“The way the government in Berlin has approved of hosting large numbers of refugees is just one example of the European Union’s qualities. As far as I’m concerned, I do worry about how this will effect my right to live, work or move within Europe. One of the reasons we live here in Germany ist that we realised in the last decade that Berlin has more engagements to offer than England. I recently contacted the British embassy to find out what major changes I should prepare myself for, but unfortunately they couldn’t give me any precise information as of yet.”

Rebecca und Colin Interview Megan Spencer

A Recipe For Love: Carrington-Brown

This interview was originally published by Megan Spencer on, Megan was so friendly to give us permission to reproduce the interview. Text and pictures are copyrighted by Megan Spencer. Thank you, Megan!


I first stumbled upon Carrington-Brown as ‘civilians’ at an open mic night in Berlin-Neukölln.

As professional comedians, Kabarettisten and amateur storytellers came and went on that tiny stage (myself in the latter category), a giant baritone laugh filled the room.

During the break the owner of that laugh came over and introduced himself. Having only just arrived in Berlin I was horribly jet-lagged; in all likelihood I shouldn’t have been anywhere near a stage let alone jumping up with a somewhat serious, heartfelt, wordy tribute to one of my music heroes.

That night at least, it really was a comedy stage, and if I was up there it should have been to make people laugh. Clumsily broadcasting songs from my mobile phone speaker through the microphone only added insult to injury. I had no business being in show business – or so it felt.

But this friendly stranger came forward nonetheless. “My name’s Colin. I really liked your piece about Patti Smith,” he said with a broad smile. Read more

RBB TV show „The 30 most legendary pop duos“

….so, who watched “the 30 most legendary pop duos” on April 1st, 2016? I must say, we had a fantastic evening with so many really interesting people and it makes us even prouder to receive such wonderful compliments from Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb). Here’s the original German version and the translation – just for you:

“Liebe Rebecca, lieber Colin,
heute um 20:15 Uhr laufen „Die 30 legendärsten Pop-Duos“ im RBB – und ich muss vorher noch ein großes DANKE loswerden. Ihr habt so tolle O-Töne geliefert mit so viel Sympathie und Augenzwinkern und so viel Charme! Ich finde, im Vergleich zu ähnlichen Shows, wo die Promis nur mal eine Refrainzeile mitsingen und dann schwärmen, wie sie dazu 1993 besoffen am Strand von Mallorca gelegen haben, ist uns da ein echtes Highlight gelungen: Nahezu Bildungsfernsehen, das richtig Spaß macht.”

English translation:

“Dear Rebecca, dear Colin,
tonight “the 30 most legendary pop duos” is being aired on RBB at 8.15pm – but before that, I would like to say “THANK YOU”. Thank you for your great contribution, for fantastic comments and for being so charming! I think it really made a difference compared to other TV shows, where celebrities sing a quick part of the chorus and then reminisce about being drunk on a beach in Mallorca in 1993. I think we have created a real highlight for our audience: You could nearly say it’s educational televsion that is fun at the same time.”

The show is soon to be pushlished in the RBB library. Watch this space 🙂


We have compiled a brief summary for you on YouTube.




On TV talking about “The 30 best pop duos” of all time! Can you guess who is behind us on the screen?



Ludwigsburg Festival presents: Carrington-Brown & Mr. Hömseder’s Musical Class 4



When Thomas Wördehoff, the director of the Ludwigsburg Festival, asked us whether we would consider performing together with “Mr. Hömseders Musical Class 4”  at this years’ festival, it was a no brainer,  immediately we knew the answer: ABSOLUTEY YES!  Having  already performed there twice, the chance to do a cooperative  performance with the star pupils of the Gustav-Sieber School would certainly be the icing on the cake.

“Mr. Hömseder’s Musical Class 4” is a wonderful group of respectful, talented and energetic pupils that keep surprising us in many ways over and over again. When we met first, we immediately knew that we wanted to create a brand new show as opposed to  the original programme that was planned. We would put on a show that would combine all of our individual talents and hilarious characters.

As it happens, Mr. Hömseder’s musical classes have had the opportunity to publicly demonstrate their abilities before, which resulted in amazing projects and appearances with the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra and well known artists such as  Gotthilf Fischer and Peter Maffay as an example.

One of their performancs even resulted in a Youtube-Video that has reached nearly 100 000 clicks to date. The Gustav-Sieber pupils from Tamm can certainly be proud of that! Performing in public and all these great projects makes their confidence grow stronger and strengthens the pupils’ music appreciation. This is why being part of the latest production makes us even happier and we welcome the opportunity to give them valuable advice that we’ve learned ourselves from our  years of experience in the music businesss.

Photo: Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung

Several rehearsals, interviews with the press and developing the script for the show as well as producing a new CD are still on the to-do-list…BUT VERY SOON, the audience can look forward to a hilariously funny and  highly impressive show on the 25th of June 2016 at the Ludwigsburg Festival. From Michael Jackson, Madonna up to Seeed……the show “DAS SIND WIR” leaves nothing to be desired.

We also can’t wait to be joining Mr. Hömseders Musical Class 4 on a school tour after our premiere at the Ludwigsburg Festival.

Photo: Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung

TV shows you shouldn’t miss….

Ladies NightLights, Camera, Action!!! Who is tuning in to the ARD show “Ladies Night” on the 31st March 2016 at 10:45pm? Don’t miss out on a wonderful cabaret and comedy night with Rebecca as a guest. This is the type of show that proves the perception that women are not funny, is certainly misguided.


Watch the summary with Rebecca’s part on YouTube

Or watch the full video of the show in the ARD mediathek

Also on your must-watch-list is the RBB-show “Die 30 legendärsten Pop-Duos” with contributions from Rebecca & Colin. Make yourself comfortable on the couch on April 1st, 2016 at 8:15pm. Popcorn anyone? See our summary here.