Carrington-Brown’s “10”

In their New Show “10” the multi award winning  British Duo, Carrington-Brown celebrate 10 years since their creation. There are many reasons to celebrate:

  • 10 Years together in life and on stage.
  • 10 Years living in Germany, 10 years a married couple and so much more!

Rebecca and Colin share with their audience their love of Music and Comedy.  Performing, as always, a rich tapestry of the world of music. Whether they are original songs or ones you might have heard of before, Carrington-Brown’s interpretations are as unique as the stamp they put on them… which has given them their familiar trademark! Of course Rebecca’s 18th century cello, Joe, who has now reached the ripe old age of 235, is an integral part of the program. In addition, he is joined by other guest instruments.

Combining their array of talents, “10″ is not just a show but a unique experience.

Hätte das Publikum Punkte mit klassischen Wertungstafeln vergeben müssen, so hätte das Ergebnis sicherlich auch dem Programmnamen ’10’ entsprochen.

Armin HerbergerBruchsalWilli die Bühne

Insgesamt lieferte das Duo eine Unterhaltungsshow, die gerade durch den unverkennbaren britischen Akzent der beiden einzigartig wurde und ihre charmant witzige Art noch unterstrich.

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Written and performed by Carrington-Brown
Rebecca Carrington & Colin Brown

Director Choreographer
Arthur Büscher

Director Text
Amber Schoop

Graphic Design
Stefanie Butscheid

Online PR and Marketing
Artists Online Marketing

Video Production
SLFilm Sebastian Leitner

Thomas Henk Henkel