„Dream a Little Dream“

The new program of Carrington-Brown

The multi award winning, multi-lingual, music and comedy duo Carrington-Brown are excited to present their new show “Dream A Little Dream”. A brilliant mixture of parody, pastiche and their unique British humour, they have created a show inspired by stories from their daily life and travels across the globe, sharing tales of love, curiosity and the constant conflict of living life in reality versus dreams. Joining them once again will of course be Joe, Rebecca’s 233 year old cello and her first love. Expanding on the success of their previous works, their new show also features Rebecca and Colin’s talents on anything from the bagpipes to an egg shaker! From Pop to Opera and Jazz to Bollywood – Carrington-Brown encourage their audience to join them as friends as they take you on a hilarious musical trip around the world. Leave your worries behind you and let yourself be whisked away by Carrington-Brown; and don’t forget to “Dream A Little Dream”…

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“Ein Trio mit einem wahrlich kosmopolitisch strahlenden Charme. Dass die englischen Künstler der deutschen Sprache mächtig sind, ist ein Wunder, ein weiteres Mirakel besteht in der gelungenen Kombination der Akteure (…) tosender Beifall für ein verführerisches Trio.”
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Here is the English Translation
Her husband Colin calls her “delicious Rebecca”, together with the 232-year-old cello Joe, the trio onstage the Comedia, titled “Dream a Little Dream” shows how they became what they are. The stations of her life are alive in their biographical technologies show: starting with the childhood dreams about Rebecca Carringtons experiences as a musician in an orchestra, which provided the sound carpet for blockbuster yesterday up to the decision to settle down in Germany. Carrington Brown can reminisce about the stations of their different careers.

They’ve been through a “big metamorphosis”, emphasizes Rebecca Carrington, who first conquered the cabaret stage as a soloist and is now with her husband Colin Brown as equally active partner. This culminates finally in all comprehensive question of whether Madonna is better than Michael Jackson ever was – a competition implemented with verve and wit, which admits only one answer: Madonna makes the race. Not only there was much applause. (kol)

Kölner StadtanzeigerCarrington, Brown und ein Cello namens JoeKölner Stadtanzeiger

“Just wanted to add that as Croatian who hardly speaks German I really enjoyed last night. You are the best thing I have seen in Germany in last two years since I moved here:-) Will try tl visit your show in Berlin as well ! Thank you for such a positive energy!Whish you a lot of success and a wonderful life together! All the best!, Danijela”

Danijela ĆorićYou are the best thing I have seen in GermanyFacebook